Tanks - British Sherman Firefly Expansion [Inglés]


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At the core of your Armoured Squadron are the sturdy American Sherman tanks. The versatile 75mm-armed model is supplemented by the Firefly, a British-modified Sherman armed with the powerful 17 pdr gun to counter the Germans’ new heavy Tiger and the Panther tanks. The Sherman Firefly tanks have excellent anti-tank performance with 17 pdr rounds, which slice through Panthers with ease. This combination of firepower and reliability is more than enough to deal with anything the enemy have.

The Sherman Firefly expansion contains:

  • 1x Unassembled Sherman tank
  • 1x Sherman V tank card
  • 1x Sherman Firefly tank card
  • 1x Hero card
  • 2x Crew cards
  • 2x Upgrade cards.
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